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From Marc Portier <>
Subject typo for mime-type image[s]/gif -- might be wise to check docos
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 07:46:24 GMT

noticed some strange behaviour in firefox the other day on gif's
returned by cocoon

turns out that a typo in the mime-type for gifs over at
src/webapp/sitemap.xmap was causing it

it says images/gif versus image/gif
(see )

I can't really explain why we haven't noticed this earlier (or did we?)
but the typo surely made it's cut-and-paste way through our code-base
(see below) and documentation (see google)

> mpo@lamancha:~/projects/apache/cocoon$ find src -name sitemap.xmap | xargs grep -l "images/gif"
> src/blocks/faces/trunk/samples/cardemo/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/forms/trunk/samples/dreamteam/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/petstore/trunk/samples/sitemap.xmap
> src/webapp/sitemap.xmap

> mpo@lamancha:~/projects/apache/cocoon$ find src -name sitemap.xmap | xargs grep -l "image/gif"
> src/blocks/lucene/trunk/samples/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/scratchpad/trunk/samples/sitemap-viewer/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/scratchpad/trunk/samples/othello/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/mail/trunk/samples/mail/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/portal/trunk/samples/sitemap.xmap
> src/blocks/slop/trunk/samples/yapt/sitemap.xmap
> src/webapp/samples/aggregation/sitemap.xmap
> src/webapp/samples/catalog/sitemap.xmap
> src/webapp/samples/i18n/sitemap.xmap
> src/webapp/samples/modules/sitemap.xmap
> src/webapp/samples/sites/sitemap.xmap

I'll take care of the sitemap.xmap files that need fixing on trunk and
2_1_x branch in svn, please be all invited to track occurances in our
docos as well

Marc Portier                  
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center
Read my weblog at                          

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