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From Ben Pope <>
Subject Re: cocoon-refdoc initial code is in the whiteboard
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 10:26:47 GMT
Robert Graham wrote:
> I grabbed the trunk off of SVN and the whiteboard and tried to build
> this, but it failed trying to build the javadocs and I'm not sure why.
> I thought someone might be able to enlighten me.I've got 2.1 running
> on the same setup and have no trouble building it. I've edited it for
> simplicity as best I can:
> {COCOONDIR}\docs-build.xml:57: The following error occurred while
> executing this line:
> {COCOONDIR}\...\blocks-build.xml:641: Javadoc failed:
> CreateProcess: "{DIR}\...\javadoc.exe" -J-Xmx192m
> -stylesheetfile "{DIR}\...\trunk\src\resources\javadoc\javadoc.css"
>  -windowtitle "Cocoon API 2.2.0-dev [July 9 2005]" -splitindex -use -d
> "{DIR}\...\trunk\build\cocoon\javadocs" -doctitle "Cocoon API
> 2.2.0-dev"  -classpath "{DIR}\...\trunk\tools\lib\ant-contrib-0.6.jar;
> DIR\...\trunk\tools\lib\ant-junit.jar; ....etc.

Last I heard, you can't use the ant build to build the docs in trunk, that might have chnged
by now.  Just disable the docs to get the rest of cocoon built.


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