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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject AJAX in CForms for response
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 18:37:24 GMT

I checked the AJAX samples today : Great for use with 
repeater/unions/selction-lists. I also understand i get there some cform 
validation before submit!.
I have another case in mind:
A lightweight form may contain a few simple fields, and often the 
response page would be nothing more than this  : "OK,  successfully 
saved!". That would be the perfect use case of another XHR call...
I detected the point in cforms.js where the form has been validated and 
a response header X-cocoon-ajax=continue is received. There i could add 
another request that could launch the continuation, then flow would 
process things and end with  a cocoon.sendPage() rendering XML or even 
text response.

I'd like to know what people here think about this, specially because i 
don't see if it would be a good practice to launch the continuation from 
a XHR call, though it should work if it contains the right continuation.



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