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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject community input on the GSoC
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 09:57:38 GMT
Hi everyone!

I assume most of you have already heard about the
Google Summer of Code initiative [1]. A few students
would like to try helping out on some dedicated parts
of cocoon, mentored by some of our committers. If
they succeed Google will pay them some money.

Now there is a bit of a discussion on how to accept
these contributions from a work flow and infrastructure

Some of us would like to give the students commit access
to a restricted area, others would like to show them
the usual OS way and just provide patches. Now there
are some implications that makes the decision a bit
more complicated.

On one hand having someone work full time on a
part of the project will of course generate
a lot of patches. Applying patches (and waiting
to have them applied) is not necessarily the
most fun thing to do's a bottleneck
and requires additional effort from the mentors
...or committers in general.

On the other hand providing svn commit access
also means handing out an address
(required for technical reasons) and (to some extend)
access to the apache infrastructure. Not everyone is
really excited about that. Less for security reasons,
but more how it could be perceived by the community.

Some of us fear that giving away an
account (although it is restricted) might produce
feelings of disappointment in people who already
contributed to the community and who are on the
committer radar already.

Some fear it could be perceived we are giving away
this "honor" now for less (...although providing svn
access and the address does *not* mean
the students magically become committers ...they'd
only get a *limited* and *temporary* access to a
separate part of our repository. There are no usual
committer privileges associated with this. No
voting rights, etc)

This post is especially directed to non-committers.
We would like to hear *your* opinion on this!
It's not a vote ...but we would just like to
hear community opinions on the following options:

 o work through patches
 o give them limited svn access
    - give them a full address (
    - add a prefix to the address (

PLEASE!!! ...just be honest not afraid to state
your opinion.



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