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From Andrew Franz <>
Subject Re: Running cocoon as a war archive
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 21:30:05 GMT
Irv Salisbury wrote:

>I have always run cocoon as an expanded war directory.  Our current
>customer is requesting we run as a war file.  Are there any resources
>or problems people have found with this strategy?

I had occasion to deal with an individual who insisted on this approach. 
It stems from a desire to 'lock down' production servers to prevent any 
changes. In practice, no software is perfect and there are times when a 
simple one-line change will immediately fix the problem. When you need 
to do this, you don't want to be making a one-line change in a staging 
environment and then re-deploying a 50Mb war file. Also you can't be 
totally certain that no other changes have been made in the staging 
environment. I would argue from a management perspective that deploying 
an expanded servlet is less risky and allows more responsive support. If 
the individual insists on the .war file approach, one possible approach 
is to run a staging servlet (expanded) in parallel with the production 
servlet (war file) - this has the advantage of the identical 
environment, available to test under production conditions & available 
as a backup in an emergency.

On the technical level, there are issues with anything that needs to be 
written to, such as HSQLDB.

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