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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject [osgi] The CocoonServlet runs under OSGi!
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 21:26:35 GMT
After the latest commit to osgi it is possible to serve webpages through 
OSGi. Most of the core samples works.

There are still some limitations that means that one have to comment 
away some stuff in the webapp configuration files and sitemap to make it 
work, see the README for details. This is related to that OSGi R3s 
doesn't allow directory listing access as discussed in

The main bundles involved are:

cocoon - contains cocoon.jar and all libraries it depends on
cocoon_webapp - contains the webapp samples from trunk
cocoon_servlet - looks for the webapp bundle, creates the CocoonServlet 
and register it in the http service.
HTTP Server - http service bundle that one can register servlets in.

                    --- o0o ---

The immediate TODOs are:

* Change OSGi framework from Knopflerfish to Eclipse, to make directory 
listing in bundles possible.

* Implement a transversible bundle soutce. After this most (or 
everything?) that works ordinary should work under OSGi as well

* Then I would like to move the OSGi stuff to trunk and start to 
integrate it with the build system and start script. The current build 
system for the bundles that not is connected to the build system in 
trunk, is rather painfull during development. Ant integration is 
unpractical to do without moving.


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