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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [Blockathon] agenda proposal
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 08:50:02 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Just want to mention that I don't think that our users need to know 
> about OSGi at all if they don't want. They have to describe their 
> block in the descriptor (block.xml) and the rest will be done 
> automatically.

Maybe or maybe not ;) The OSGi manifest is mainly about exporting and 
importing Java packages, which are concerns that we haven't discussed in 
any detail for the block descriptor. We could put this info in the 
block.xml and generate the manifest file automatically from it.

In Eclipse they didn't go that way. There was some info in their pluggin 
descriptor that overlapped with the OSGi manifest. They depreciated this 
infor from the pluggin descriptor and recommend people to use the OSGi 
manifest instead. I would prefer that we do the same and consider the 
OSGi manifest and the block.xml as taking care of different concerns.

Concerning what the users will need to know, I would assume that most 
users today doesn't know that much about the current "compile time" 
block system as we haven't documented how it is used or given any 
promisses at all about the stability of the "contracts", i.e. gump 
snippets and ant related stuff. So today I would guess that rather few 
users develop own blocks. With the arrival of real blocks this will 
change and users who want to develop own blocks must of course learn 
something new. Much as one have to learn some new things to be able to 
develop an Eclipse plugin.

Of course we all have interest in making at easy as possible to develop 
new blocks and also to provide tool support for making it easy. I just 
want to emphasize that the real blocks not is so much about changing how 
things work today (something we should try to avoid), but mainly about 
*adding* new and more convenient ways to work.


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