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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: RefDoc Direction
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 17:16:02 GMT
Hi Robert,

Le 14 juil. 05, à 23:39, Robert Graham a écrit :

> ...This is mostly a question for the mentors on the project, but ideas
> are welcome. I posted to dev mostly to have it backed up...

Note that posting to dev@ only is fine, we're monitoring it (but feel 
free to ping me directly if questions stay unanswered for too long).

> ...I've been through the prototype code and I've even gotten a couple 
> of
> the TODO's taken care of (specifically the matching multiple key-value
> pairs and most of a refactoring of slop/xml-to-snippets.xsl)...

Cool. I'll ask for your access to the whiteboard/refdoc subdirectory in 
the next few days, so that you can commit this.

>  I'm not
> sure how to accomplish the selecting of multiple codebases, but I'm
> interested in ideas..

This can come later, for example using an XML file which maps symbolic 
codebases names to actual paths, and generating a virtual "top-level 
directory" from this file.

> . I thought we should make a minor change to the
> doktor comment syntax in adding commas between key-value pairs to make
> it more reasonable to process...

Good idea, go for it!

>  Past all that I'm looking for a little
> more direction. I understand the goal and the prototype as it is, but
> I'm a little confused as to the next step...

Sorry to have left you with very little info until now, the timing was 
bad with me being offline last week. But I'll have more time to follow 
up now (until about August 10th when I'm going to be offline for 10 
days again).

The steps that I'm seeing are the following (some of them are done 
already, at least partially):

1. Extract snippets from the various types of source files: XML, java, 

2. Convert these snippets to an XML form that is easily indexable with 
Lucene, generating Lucene "fields" for all important pieces of 
information: snippet key, snippet type, title, etc.

2b. Also generate "navigation documents" which Lucene will use to find 
all snippets. This is shown in the prototype already.

3. Crawl and index the generated XML documents with Lucene, at first 
using the Lucene block out of the box, I assume. Some manual work (like 
starting the index creation from an URL) is ok at this stage, we're 
trying to demonstrate the full chain before implementing everyting.

4. Create the required Lucene queries to put together snippets coming 
from different source files but having the same key (e.g. all 
"FileGenerator" snippets). I might need to add @doktor stuff to 
existing code and samples so that you can see better how this should 

5. Transform the results of these queries to XML document in a 
publication-neutral format, where one document contains all the info 
and code excerpts provided by snippets having the same key.

Let me know if you need more info about this!


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