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From Steven Noels <>
Subject [GT2005] News, vote and more news
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 14:41:29 GMT
Howdy fellow Cocoonies,

lots of GetTogether news, and a call for advise.

The Cocoon GetTogether will be travelling this year, in a bold and 
unprecedented move to check the quality of ribs across the globe. Our 
first stop will be in xxx Amsterdam xxx, during the first week of 
October. OK, that's hardly a adventurous distance from Ghent, but it'll 
do for our first edition abroad, won't it?

Adding to this bold move, we're also adding an extra day to the 
Hackathon, providing us with two long days to hack on our beloved 
project, and be tempted to go and visit Amsterdam. Or not. Whatever. 

Arjé Cahn (from Hippo) and I went location scouting a few weeks ago, 
and we've found two really cool places to put our Cocoon tents up. 
Pending logistical arrangements, we'll be geeking out in either (or 
both, rather) the Felix Meritis ( and the 
Nemo ( The Felix Meritis is an elegant 
historical building along the Amsterdam "Grachten" - the canals - and 
the Nemo is a Science museum (!), located in the water. Both in easy 
reach of public transportation, and close to the heart of Amsterdam - 
I'm sure Amsterdam will be a worthy competitor of Ghent location-wise. 

I've put up some pictures of the buildings + rooms in the Flickr group 

Arjé has volunteered to be our local host this year - of course with 
plenty of assistance from me, and I hope also from some other 
volunteers as well. I'm thrilled to see the GetTogether "going places"!

Now, about the vote: we have rooms reserved for the entire first week 
of October, but need to decide on the first or last part of the week. 
So please indicate your preference (and reply to the dev list for 
easier counting):

Yes, I'm thinking of attending the Cocoon GetTogether 2005 in 
Amsterdam, preferably on

   [ ]  3/4/5 October (Mon->Wed)
   [ ]  5/6/7 October (Wed->Fri)

That's all for now, expect more to hear from Arjé or me in the future!


Steven Noels                  
Outerthought                              Open Source Java & XML
stevenn at                stevenn at

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