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From BURGHARD √Čric <>
Subject Re: XSLSerializer, XSLGenerator, XSLReader
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 20:43:35 GMT
> - handle the <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction by serializing
> straight XML for those browsers that do support it, and process on the
> server for others.

great idea !

>>By extension, why not having an XSLGenerator and an XSLReader ?
> Hmm... you're starting to build pipelines-in-one-component. This doesn't
> seem to have the same kind of benefits than the serializer.

Right, i thought that for simple pipelines that are only
generator + xslt transformer + xml serializer

<read type="xslt" src="{xmldb:///}" xslt="stylesheets/site2xhtml.xsl"/>

would be more readable, but i'm not convinced in fact. As i must use the
sourceResolver here, there's no obvious benefit over
<generator src="{xmldb:///}">
<serialize type="xslt" src="stylesheets/site2xhtml.xsl">

For the precompiled xslt, it's better perhaps to modify the TraxTransformer
to cache the Templates object.

For the generator, i think that the use must be limited to simplified
stylesheets. Xsl try to be a template and a transform language (the root of
the stylesheet itself can be <xsl:transform> or <xsl:stylesheet>). For
templating, sometimes you don't need an input document, so you generally do

<generate src="empty.xml"/>
<transform src="mypage.xsl">
<transform src="site2xhtml.xsl"/>

i would prefer here

<generate type="xslt" src="mypage.xsl>
<transform src="site2xhtml.xsl"/>

that way, the difference between templating and transforming xsl appear soon
on the sitemap side, and because there's no xslt attribute, bad habits are
not possible.


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