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From "Maksim Kashynski" <>
Subject "CForms - XUL" Project proposal
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 19:36:13 GMT
Hi everybody!
My name is Maksim Kashynski.

I am interested in working on CForms-XUL project under Google SoC.

So this is my proposal's draft.
  Cocoon CForms currently supports only HTML rendering. Mozilla XUL is 
popular and powerful use interface language but isn't currently supported.

  Provide XUL rendering for CForms using existing CForms model by adding 
appropriate transformations, mostly XSL stylesheets.

Benefits to community
  CForms and Cocoon will have more abilities of user interaction. This will 
make Cocoon more popular.

Description of approach.
  XUL is an XML-based language, so the main goal is to provide correct 
  Another importaint goal is to deliver Action handling to XUL.
  Event handling in both HTML and XUL is JavaScript-based, so it will be not 
very hard to imlement it.

Milestones of delivery.
30.06.2005 - Complete test environment for FD - XUL transformation.
15.07.2005 - Basic widget rendering
30.07.2005 - Provide Action handling
10.08.2005 - Event handling to XUL
15.08.2005 - Beta version - providing most functionality, but with some bugs
30.08. 2005 - Release  - complete functional system providing full CForms 
functionality in XUL and easy content type switching (XUL/HTML) for XUL 
based browsers.

About myself.

Citizenship: Belarus.
Currently enrolled to MSc in Computer Engg. programe at Hogskolan Dalarna, 
May 2004 - Present moment - Web Developer, Exadel Inc, Minsk
(developing webapps under Tomcat and WebSphere, mostly with Struts and JSF, 
also lots of  XSLT (FOP)).
September 1999 - May 2004 - Belarusian State Univ. of Information Science 
and Radio Electronics - Software Engineer

I have played with Cocoon for several weeks and find it very powerful thing. 

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