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From Jochen Kuhnle <>
Subject RE: XSP: EclipseJavaCompiler chokes on warings
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 19:08:29 GMT
"Antonio Gallardo" <> wrote on 31.05.2005 17:15:20:

> On Mar, 31 de Mayo de 2005, 9:22, Nathaniel Alfred dijo:
> > I wouldn't want to tolerate warnings in all XSPs only because it 
cannot be
> > avoided in some of them.  It should be a configuration parameter on 
> > ServerPagesGenerator to allow using either possibility depending on 
> > pipeline.
> +1 IMHO, we are writing in XSP. We cannot control all the output from 
> If someone wants to control all the output, then write a the generator 
> Java.
> I don't have need to have the parameter option and output all the 
> in the logs. Can someone tell me a showcase why someone will like to see
> the warnings?

Ok, as a first measure I have submitted patches [1] (for 2.1) and [2] (for 
2.2) to bugzilla. With these EclipseJavaCompiler disregard warnings. 
Reading the above, there seems to be no common position on logging and/or 
configuration of warnings. If you want this in the distribution, just tell 
me, and I'll submit an extended patch.

BTW: What is the preferred way to report bugs in both 2.1 and 2.2? Create 
an entry for 2.1, one for 2.2, or one for each?




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