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From "Nathaniel Alfred" <>
Subject RE: Why does XSPMarkupLanguage wrap text in xsp:text?
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:34:41 GMT
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>From: Jochen Kuhnle []
>Sent: Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2005 19:04
>Subject: Re: Why does XSPMarkupLanguage wrap text in xsp:text?

>Hope I'm not too annoying on this issue, but on further work on logic 
>sheets, I believe the auto-wrapping is not only complicating 
>things a bit, it is actually introducing problems.
>ContentHandler.characters specification [1] says that the character data 
>can be fed in chunks, so autowrapping text ".a..b..c..d." ('.' stands for 
>space) might not rsult in <xsp:text>.a..b..c..d.</xsp:text>, but in 
><xsp:text>.a..b..c</xsp:text><xsp:text>..d</xsp:text> or some
>"partitioning". It actually gets chunked in the current implementation if 
>there are newlines in the text.
>Now consider e.g. the python xsp.xsl, which has a "space='strip'" option, 
>where the template for xsp:text does a normalize-space(). So partitioning 
><xsp:text>.a..b..c..d.</xsp:text> results in "a.b.c.d", while partitioning


>results in "a.bc.d". 
>I would think there are some more side effects like this somewhere, so I 
>would suggest either fixing the PreProcessFilter, so it fixes chunking, or 
>remove it alltogether.

I can only guess that the autowrapping was intended to allow logicsheets
match="xsp:text/text()" for text content and match="text()" for program
code.  It remains a mystery to me why none of the builtin logicsheets 
actually uses this.

Removing the autowrapping may break a few custom logicsheets depending
on this, but since it is a rather obscure feature nowhere mentioned in
the user docs, I am +1 for dropping the autowrapping.  Is does indeed
make logicsheet input more predictable.

Cheers, Alfred.
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