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From Glen Ezkovich <>
Subject Re: [SUMMARY] [VOTE] Document Editors, and a new Committer
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 22:10:25 GMT

On Jun 16, 2005, at 4:24 PM, Ralph Goers wrote:

> Helma van der Linden wrote:
>> Apart from my fulltime job I have a husband and two boys of 6 and 8.
> I would have thought the husband and two boys were the fulltime job!

Obviously, Helma has at least two full time jobs. It can be argued  
that she has 4 full time jobs. From personal experience having a  
spouse is a full time job and most certainly raising a child is a  
full time job. Helma has a day job, a husband and two children.  
Therefore, Helma has 4 full time jobs.

Congratulations Helma. Don't work any more then 40 hours a week at  
each job. If you do you won't be working agile. ;-)

Glen Ezkovich
HardBop Consulting
glen at

A Proverb for Paranoids:
"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to  
worry about answers."
- Thomas Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow

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