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From Lutz Thomas <>
Subject AW: CForms: Enhancement of SetAttributeJXPathBinding
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 14:47:18 GMT
Sorry, seems that I was too optimistic.


Am I right that this would require a major change in all the widget classes
? They have setAttribute functions, but nothing to pass the attributes on to
the pipeline, as the getXMLElementAttributes does not do anything with the
attribute map ?


I hope I could make clear my indention in my previous mail, making
set-attribute bi-directional to be able to display validation data coming
from the database layer.





Von: Lutz Thomas [] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 14. Juni 2005 12:47
Betreff: CForms: Enhancement of SetAttributeJXPathBinding

Hi !


The fb:set-attribute binding is currently limited to "bind" a fixed string


I'd like to enhance this to be able to bind a value from the data xml, so I
could do something like this


<fb:value id="someFieldName" path="field[@name='someFieldName']"> 

  <fb:set-attribute name="persistence_layer_errormessage" path="
field[@name='someFieldName']/@PersistenceLayerErrorMessage" />



So it would be able to include custom messages coming from "the server


I had a look at the sources, and as far as I could figure out I would have

-Copy and ModifyPaste some code from to

-Copy and ModfiyPaste some code from to


If I'd use a new attribute path, there would be not backwards compatibility
problems... if there's a value use hardcoded string as before, otherwise to
a binding.


If this is ok for you, I would give it a try...




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