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From Irv Salisbury <>
Subject Re: XML databinding in Javaflow
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 23:11:47 GMT
Ok, it doesn't seem to be as much about data binding as it seems that doesn't block like the form.showForm in javascript.  (Or
maybe it is something I am doing wrong?)

The only weirdness is that we are calling the inside a
static block of a helper class.  Is that going to cause a problem?  It
seems like the is not stopping, our code right after it is
getting called.

First, in our do method, we are calling a helper static function to
show the form:

            if( (feature != null) && (feature.equals( "read" )) ){
              PipelineUtil pipelineUtil = getPipelineUtil();
              // readForm shows the form and is supposed to block and
get results back
             String url = RealnetForm.readForm( module, screen, tab,
originalRequestString, session, request, pipelineUtil );
              sendPage( url, null );

inside the readForm method, we show the form as follows:

      // now bind the data to the form
      if( dataObject != null ){
        form.load( dataObject );
Vx    if( logger.isDebugEnabled() ){
          logger.debug( "About to show form " );
      } (FlowConstants.getRootUrl() + "style/form/" +
FlowConstants.getTabPath( module, screen, tab )) );
      if( logger.isDebugEnabled() ){
          logger.debug( "Done showing form " );

      // TODO: Need to kill continuations from client side call if tab
is changed
      // This is only called if action is performed on the form (submit) dataObject );

The problem is, we see the done log while the form is still showing. 
Aaargh!!!! :-)


On 6/30/05, Irv Salisbury <> wrote:
> Still part of the switch from javascript flow to java flow.... :-)
> We are using XML binding in our javascript flow.  When moving that
> forward to Java flow, all of my data seems to be getting lost.  The
> only thing that seems to be getting kept is a hidden field.  As I dive
> more into this, is there something special about using XML binding in
> Javaflow?
> Irv

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