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From Irv Salisbury <>
Subject Sitemap parameters within JavaFlow
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 17:18:04 GMT
I posted this to the users, but we are in such a hurry with this... 
Plus, I didn't really get any google answers, so it might be more of a
dev question anyway:

I am in the process of converting some javascript flow to Java flow.
We pass in some parameters to the function through the sitemap
currently as follows:

     <map:match pattern="childSearch/*/*/*">
       <map:call function="childSearch">
         <map:parameter name="module" value="{1}"/>
         <map:parameter name="screen" value="{2}"/>
         <map:parameter name="tab" value="{3}"/>

How do I do this with Javaflow?  In the javascript, I would do the
following to get at it:

     var module = cocoon.parameters.module;
     var screen = cocoon.parameters.screen;

So,  how can I get access to these parameters?

I saw some putback notices that seem to point to there being a
solution, but nothing I could find in the samples or on google.

Thanks for any help.


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