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From Irv Salisbury <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Java
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 15:27:24 GMT
There are many ways at getting to the Session.  If you are in Java
code, and are in a transformer, etc as part of your setup call you
will be passed a Map that is the object model.  You can then use the
org.apache.cocoon.environment.ObjectModelHelper to get at the Request,
Session, etc.

Also, within flowscript you can use the cocoon.session and
cocoon.request variables.


On 6/27/05, Matteo Mancini <> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I need to know something about the best way to interact with Cocoon object
> via java code. 
> More exactly I need to retrieve the Session Object in order to set and get
> attributes. 
> I tried some ways I found inside cocoon user guide but I faced many problems
> because  
> Cocoon java packages have so many interfaces and classes. I tried those
> dealing with HttpSession, HttpServlet and CocoonServlet classes. 
> Noone seems to work. I always catch a NullPointerException when I tried to
> get a reference or instantiate them. 
> There should be somethng I miss !!!! 
> Can anyone suggest me how to do? 
> Thanks in advance 
> Matteo Mancini

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