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From Irv Salisbury <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.7 in Weblogic 8.1.4
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 02:17:42 GMT
Wow, this all sounds like lots of fun.  We already tried to put
cocoon's rhino in the classpath first.  I am writing a simple
transformer to call the ProtectionDomain stuff to verify where the URL
of the jar file it is loading the class from.  (Unless someone has
already done that)  Even though our Rhino jar file is in front of
weblogic's it still gets the casting errors.  I will try the 2.2
version as well to see if that makes a difference.  After that, we'll
have to try the "nozilla" approach (yuck!)

Hopefully we don't hit a ton of other issues.  We don't have a few
months to get this running :-)

Was there something we need to do with the Paranoid classloader to
work in the exploded war directory, or is that already in 2.1.7? 
(Would hate to have to duplicate that effort)

Thanks for all the help guys!


On 6/21/05, Gregor J. Rothfuss <> wrote:
> Tony Collen wrote:
> > Yep, Weblogic ships with it's own version of Rhino.  The solution is to
> > use JavaFlow, I believe.
> we ended up doing this for WL. i took us about 2 months to get WL
> working properly, with detours into patching the paranoid classloader to
> work in an unexploded war [1], various javaflow problems [2], etc [3].
> writing / converting to javaflow was the least of our worries. when we
> were done, we decided to have even more fun by playing with shared/lib
> (we had libraries that needed to be shared across webapps, but not endorsed)
> in summary, i hope you have a good reason / get paid well to deal with
> this POS.
> -gregor
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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