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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Access to Daisy for contributors
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 12:06:32 GMT
On 06 Jun 2005, at 13:55, Ross Gardler wrote:

> Really? That could be a real problem for getting folks to contribute 
> to the docs. It implies that, even to make a spelling correction, they 
> would need to submit a CLA.

We can be lenient about this: we don't require CLA signoff for casual 
contributors as we do due diligence ourselves. We must obtain a CLA 
from regular contributors. The switch in Jira is nice but it doesn't 
cover everything anyhow, and there's many other contributions methods 
which require IP oversight by the committers.

> There must be some other mecahnism in place otherwise we would not be 
> able to accept patches from non-committers. Can we not just follow the 
> model now used in JIRA? I suppose the difference is that once in the 
> Daisy repository, even in draft state, the contribution can be viewed 
> as being in the Apache version control system.

Yes. Jeff Turner implemented this specifically in Jira for the ASF - 
i's not part of Jira proper.

As you can see from that page, it requires quite a bit of work.

> How difficult would it be to make Daisy submit a patch to JIRA rather 
> than creating a new version (when the editor is not a "document 
> committer") and subsequently to allow a patch to be applied via the 
> Daisy interface?

I think obtaining a CLA from proper document committers should be 
enough for the mean time. Let's see where we get from here.

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