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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [docs] old docs import: next steps
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:02:27 GMT
Le 15 juin 05, à 11:43, Bruno Dumon a écrit :

>> ...It would be good to differentiate what's imported, for example to
>> generate warnings like on
> While this wouldn't be hard to do, I don't like it very much because:
>  * it's additional work to remove it again afterwards..

But can't we generate such a warning from a document attribute which 
says "this document has been imported automatically from a corpus which 
is known to contain a lot of cruft and needs to be cleaned up before 
we're happy about it" ?
In a more concise way of course ;-)

Then, it's simply a matter of removing the attribute, or changing the 
document state, once it is reviewed.

>  * the purpose of this import would not be to remain a static legacy
> copy, but rather something based on which we start working for the new
> docs, which also means asap removing all completely outdated pages, and
> putting a disclaimer on pages of dubious quality...

Sure, but with 250 docs, ASAP might mean quite a long time...

>  * since documentation will never be as correct, complete and up to 
> date
> as we want, we could potentially place a disclaimer on each
> documentation page.

Sure, see above - what I suggest is just to differentiate imported docs 
in a way that allows the unreviewed ones to be identified in the 
published pages (if we want it), and to be retrieved with a Daisy 

If there's a Daisy query that tells us which imported docs have not 
been reviewed yet, I'm happy.


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