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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [osgi] Changing framework?
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:13:57 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:

> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> <snip/>
>>                                 --- o0o ---
>> AFAICS, we need to change OSGi framework from Knopflerfish to the one 
>> from Eclipse as the DirectoryGenerator and similar things are 
>> necessary in Cocoon. I can't say that I'm to happy about it as the 
>> documentation for the OSGi framework of Eclipse is sparse and 
>> unorganized, while the Knopflerfish documentation at least is OK. 
>> Furthermore the Eclipse OSGi framework has been available for 
>> standalone use just a few months while Knopflerfish has been 
>> available for a couple of years. Despite this there are of course all 
>> reasons to believe that the Eclispe OSGi implementation is of high 
>> quality as it is the kernel for Eclipse 3.0 and 3.1 and as IBM has 
>> been a member of OSGi since the starting and has another products in 
>> the area.
> Personally I like the idea of building Cocoon on Eclipse but this is 
> just a gut feeling. 

I guess most of us share that feeling. Eclipse has become one of the 
strongest brands in OS.

> Apart from not-existing documentation I can only see one issue as 
> Eclipse is a desktop application (= one single user) and Cocoon a 
> server application (many parallel users). But I know too little about 
> OSGi (and Eclipse) if this could really be a problem.

I don't think the multi user aspect should be a problem. It will mainly 
be the concern for the servlet (Cocoon) and for the servlet container 
bundle (e.g. a Yetty based one). Furthermore OSGi has a standardized 
user admin service and seem to be build for handling multiple users.

>>                                 --- o0o ---
>> For testing the Eclipse OSGi framework (, 

>> one extract the org.eclipse.osgi_3.1.0.jar from Eclipse 3.1M7 or 
>> later (the RCP Runtime Binary is the smallest one):
>> $ java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_3.1.0.jar -console
>> osgi> help
>> ...
>>                                 --- o0o ---
>> I feel a little bit like geting a Cocoon servlet to run in the 
>> current OSGi framework before changing, so that we have something 
>> that is more motivating for others to work at. But then we need to 
>> change to the Eclipse OSGi framework IMO. Any help would be greatly 
>> appriciated.
> I will work on the block deployer so that I (hopefully) can 
> demonstrate it at the Blockathon. After finishing it I plan to learn 
> more about the implementation of blocks ...

I think that the use of OSGi will or at least can affect the way we 
deploy blocks. There are bundle repositories and deployment 
functionality for OSGi, Eclipse also 
has plugin (bundle) repositories and a deplyment framework. Maven2 seem 

IMO it would be good if we could discuss block deployment at the list a 
bit, so that we can assure that all parts fit together.


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