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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Consensus about documentation location
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:12:31 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> Linden H van der (MI) wrote:
>> Reinhard,
>>> Maybe it has already been discussed and then I'm more than happy with 
>>> a link but if not, can you explain the process of how our 
>>> documentation gets published ( IIUC, 
>>> is our staging area and not the 
>>> official documentation, right?
>> AFAIU there is a Daisy-to-Forrest plugin available now or any time soon
>> that could do the trick.

Yes. There is a prototype in use right now, all this does is include an 
HTML page from the daisy-wiki in a Forrest site. The next version will 
have many new features, such as:

- tight integration with the new publishing API in Daisy 1.3M2
- use of the locationmap in Forrest to allow reader URLs and editor URLs 
to be completely independant
- embedding the Daisy edit page within the Forrest site (in a dynamic 
- translation of Daisy navigation documents into Forrest site.xml documents

(incidentally, Forrest has just started working with Lenya to experiment 
with Lenya as an alternative CMS. I am not advocating Cocoon switch to 
Lenya, just making you aware that there is an alternative. Development 
on the Daisy plugin will continue as I need it for my own purposes.)

>>> Another question is the relationship between our generated 
>>> documentation and the CMS? Are there any guidelines where we draw the
>> borderline
>>> and the integration process to get one documentation in the end?
>> Please help out, what generated documentation do you mean? Are you
>> referring to documentation embedded in Java docs? I.e. API docs?
> yes, the usual javadocs, the page generated out of trunk/lib/jars.xml 
> and the pages generated out of the javadocs of sitemap components. Some 
> auto-generated documentation for Cocoon Forms also makes sense or is 
> IMHO the only chance to keep the docs consistent with the code.

The use of Forrest as a publishing engine for your CMS site allows for 
the seamless integration of autogenerated docs. For example, define a 
Forrest site.xml with all the requrie links to auto generated docs, such 
as javadocs, and embed one or more Daisy navigation documents within 
this site.xml to include the human edited docs.

> Additionally we will have to work out how this relates to the 
> cocoon-refdoc project Bertrand is mentoring.

I'm a co-mentor on that project. The reason I volunteered was entirely 
because of this kind of issue, it is my intention to integrate the 
outputs of this project into a plugin for Forrest managed sites.


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