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From Upayavira>
Subject [VOTE] Document Editors, and a new Committer
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 09:52:06 GMT
We now have Daisy installed on ASF equipment, which we can now evaluate 
to see how well it suits our documentation needs. This is great.

Diasy is set up with a number of roles, openning up new ways of working 
with documentation:

  guest     who can view published documents only
  editor    who can create and update documents, and view unpublished
            documents, but cannot publish them
  publisher who can review documents and publish them to the live site

Firstly, I'd propose that Cocoon committers will be given 'publish' 
rights, and that all publishers are also committers.

Secondly, whenever someone is clearly keen/willing to help on our docs, 
we offer them editorship. Editors can work freely within the Daisy 
                          - o -

On this basis, I'd like to propose Helma Van Der Linden as a Cocoon 
committer, and thus our first 'publisher'. She has been participating 
regularly in our community, and has shown a quiet but steady interest in 
helping with our documentation, as well as an increasingly clear 
understanding of how our community works.

As granting committership requires a vote, please cast your votes now:

[ ] Helma Van Der Linden as a Cocoon committer

                          - o -

Also, I'd like to invite both Mark Leicester and Glen Ezkovich to be 
editors, so that they can get on and do good stuff without having to 
ask. They have the ideas and enthusiasm, and I'm very keen to see what 
they can come up with. If they wish to accept this invitation, they can 
be provided with the necessary accounts.

Regards, Upayavira

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