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From Geert Josten <>
Subject Re: Adding serializer info to SitemapSource
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 09:07:56 GMT
>>Sorry, I don't follow you here: in my case (as quite often) the sitemap 
>>statements that are executed are exactly the same for the external and 
>>internal requests, including the <map:serialize> statement. So these are 
>>really the same pipelines.
> Yes, in your case, but see my response to Geert :) For example, you
> can't add the serializer if not the whole pipeline is cached!
> I'm not against adding the serializer to the cache key *if* the whole
> pipeline is cached, I'm just trying to find out if this could cause trouble.

Ah, yes. Actually I confused serializer for generator. The problem is actually caused by 
optimization of pipes that use other internal pipes as source. E.g. the file generator that
accessing an internal pipe. I always found it a bit confusing, but it is ignoring the serializer
the accessed internal pipe and that makes cocoon a lot quicker.

In other words: the caching mechanism should be that smart to distinguish the case when the

serializer is being ignored and when not.

I think..



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