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From Geert Josten <>
Subject Re: Default logging system
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 17:42:00 GMT
> I guess you configured the Log4JLoggerManager in web.xml? What happened
> then?
> Carsten

To be honest: with the current settings nothing is being logged.. (nothing from Cocoon at
least) :-P

I tried several things, but nothing with the result I was looking for.

Currently I have the following settings:

* force-property on org.apache.commons.logging.Log _disabled_
* logkit-config pointing to Web-inf/logkit.xconf
* servlet-logger set to 'access'
* cocoon-logger set to 'core'
* log-level set to 'WARN'
* logger-class set to 'org.apache.avalon.excalibur.logger.Log4JLoggerManager'
* log4j-config not set

Changing log4j-config gives logging only if I specify a physical file in the log4j.xconf.
But the 
problem is that in the Oracle Application Server the context is not file system but the war
and references to web-inf/logs/log4j.log are not possible there. Besides, we would like to
just get 
the messages in the log of the application server, no matter how it is configured.

So I would guess that logkit-config (which is necessary I believe) and log4j-config should
not be 
necessary at all and the logger-class should be recieved from the application server, perhaps
as a 

Now I don't know what happens when no logging is explicitly set in the Application server,
or what 
if there is no application server (running Cocoon standalone for instance), but isn't there
logging class distributed with java?


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