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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: cocoon-cforms-library
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:37:36 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> Vishal Nagota wrote:
>>> Dear Sir,
>>> I'm very much intrested in working for apache. I was thinking a lot
>>> about the project on which I could work on but nothing good came to my
>>> mind. The project which I liked the most among the projects given by
>>> you is cocoon-cforms-library.
>>> At present I'm pursuing my B.Tech from IIT Bombay, India. Though my
>>> department is material science, but i have a lot of interests in
>>> coding & networking.
>>> As far as my previous works ar concerned,  I've worked on devlopment
>>> of Proxy Server in java (platform independent)  as a summer project,
>>> under an ISP company in Jaipur, India.
>>> Also I'm doing a project on computaional modeling of forging process
>>> using vc++, at cemef (Ecole des Mine de Paris, France) as my summer
>>> internship project.  Please see few other projects also, which I've
>>> worked on in my resume at :
>>> It would be great of you if you could let me know wether I should
>>> apply for the project or not. And what are my chances to get the
>>> project.
>>> Thanking You in Anticipation.
>> Many thanks for your application! I (we) don't know if *you* should 
>> apply for the project or not. It mainly depends if you feel yourself 
>> able to implement the features desribed at 
>> Please have a look at the proposal and the Cocoon Forms block and give 
>> us a short summary about
>>  * your experiences with Cocoon (if you don't have any, describe your 
>> first
>>    impressions)
>>  * how you want to tackle the 'cocoon-cforms-library'-project
>>  * what are the crucial points of the 'cocoon-cforms-library'-project
>>    in your opinion
>> If you don't want to publish your summary so that it can be read by 
>> your competitors you can send it directly to me - I will ensure that 
>> the other Cocoon committers will get it.
>> If you have some questions (I'm sure that you will have some in order 
>> to write the summary ;-) ) feel free to ask on - 
>> please don't send them to me directly.
> There is a list of what to do:
> ---
> If you would like to create a proposal for any of the above then we need
> to follow the following process:
> - student gains an overview understanding of the technologies involved
> in the proposal
> - student expands the initial project outline to a draft proposal text:
>     - description of problem
>     - description of a proposed solution
>     - benefits of the solution to the Apache community
>     - an approach
>         - milestones in delivery
>         - expected time line for delivery
>     - description of relevant students skills
> - student and mentors work together to finalise this proposal
> - proposal is submitted to project community for comment/approval
> - student registers the proposal with Google via their website
> The deadline for the proposal is June 14th and the refinement of the
> draft proposal will probably take more than a week. So there is no time
> to spare.
> I look forward to receiving your initial *draft* proposal. I stress
> draft as you should not feel pressured by this it is only a starting
> point for our discussions. Do not waste time trying to make it perfect,
> that will happen as we discuss, it is more important that you show how
> much of the project you already understand so that we know where to
> start discussing.

thanks for the clarification Daniel! (I read the Google pages yesterday but 
forgot about them when I wrote the mail ...)

> ---
> that have been used at Forrest: 

> and Lenya, I don't know what it origins from, it seem reasonable anyway.
> Considering the summary, my personal opinion is that all discussions 
> should take place open at the list. That makes it possible to get some 
> idea abut the applicants ability to take part in our development process 
> and our community culture. I recognize that this possibly can be a 
> problem in relation to the "competition" aspect of Summer of Code, but 
> that is IMO not our problem. We shouldn't let any external funding 
> affect our community values.

yes right, hereby I withdraw my former idea of working offlist on the project 

Reinhard Pötz           Independent Consultant, Trainer & (IT)-Coach 

{Software Engineering, Open Source, Web Applications, Apache Cocoon}


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