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From "Linden H van der (MI)" <>
Subject RE: [Docs] Refactoring, porting Wiki content, and evaluating Daisy
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 08:12:44 GMT
Hi Mark,

Thanks for putting in all the work. I have reviewed the documents,
straightened out some layout glitches and put them live. So you should
now be able to see your work.

> I created a CategoryInDaisy page in the Wiki, so that it is easy to 
> record a wiki page as having been transferred. Perhaps we could have 
> CategoryDaisyInProgress, CategoryDaisyComplete? I also 
> recorded on the 
> Wiki page where a piece of content has gone (i.e. a Wiki page may be 
> split or combined).

Keep it like this for now and when further categories are necessary.
However, I don't think it's a good idea to put this info at the bottom
of the wiki page. I'd rather put it on the top like:

The content of this page is moved to <daisy link>. Updates to the
content will be done there. This page will no longer be reviewed for
updates and will be removed in due time.

People can then judge for themselves if they want to go to the new site
or not.

> On the other hand, the negatives are:
>      * Newly created pages are invisible until they are published (by 
> someone with publishing rights). It's a little like flying 

True. I've discussed it with Steven already. What I'd like to see is a
switch between the current version and the latest but unpublished
version, without changing into the editor.

> to remember document IDs in order to cross-link (unpublished pages 
> don't show up in the link chooser). I couldn't review my 

Have you tried the query search at the top? It also gives some "common"
queries and one of them is 'all docs with unpublished latest version'.
It then produces a list that includes the id.

>      * Switching between the navigation structure editor and the page 
> editor was tedious. I understand the power of this 
> separation, but from 
> a usability point of view it would be nice to make the 
> management of a 
> page's location possible from the page itself.

The navigation (and every document for that matter) can include queries.
So what I want is a navigation section that basically displays all
documents available (including the unpublished ones). The only problem
now is to whom it will be visible.


And keep up the good work!

Bye, Helma

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