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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Consensus about documentation location
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 08:27:40 GMT
Il giorno 13/giu/05, alle 09:53, Leszek Gawron ha scritto:

> Linden H van der (MI) wrote:
>> - this documentation is targeted at Cocoon 2.2. This means that we try
>> to write version-independent documentation, but when there is a
>> difference between 2.1 and 2.2, the documentation will describe 2.2.

Why 2.2? I'm afraid (but would love to be proved wrong) that it's going 
to be a while before we have 2.2 out the door. Most users are targeting 
2.1 and it will be the latest officially released version for a long 

Moreover, many things in 2.2 are not finalized yet, so we'd be 
documenting a moving target.

>> - this also implies that we stick with Daisy as CMS (and not venture 
>> on
>> the endless hunt for THE best system/toolset).


>> - once the wiki is "processed" (i.e. all documentation is (re)moved), 
>> it
>> will only serve as a scratchpad, either for random thoughts/proposals 
>> or
>> for users that want to offer documentation but have no editor rights 
>> in
>> the Daisy site. I.e. the content of the wiki should be kept as small 
>> as
>> possible and deprecated information should be removed as soon as
>> possible.
> It would be quite awkward if we have a documentation site but direct 
> users to write their howtos and recipes on empty wiki. It looks like 
> you'd be saying to a common: You're not worth using our CMS. Write 
> some content in our trash-all-there wiki and we will kindly pick it up 
> from there. OR NOT.
> My thought: make user registration at CMS as easy as possible. Grant 
> edit rights in Daisy for some cocoon-documentation-firing-ground site. 
> Pick documents from there and put it into main documentation with ease 
> when the document is mature enough. On wiki users also have to 
> register before editing and that did not make problems.


>> - the current intention is to eventually move the content of the Daisy
>> site over to the "official documentation". This is no hard coded rule
>> and may be changed later.
> What for really? We will have whole content there (with metadata and 
> comments). Why not make it default Every new cocoon 
> release would get a static snapshot of online site.



Ugo Cei
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