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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Logkit jvadocs
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 04:30:14 GMT
On Wednesday 01 June 2005 15:00, Ralph Goers wrote:
> I'm also -1.  I might consider replacing logkit with UGLI, but not LOG4J
> directly. However, (a) UGLI is part of LOG4J 1.3 which is still alpha,
> (b) an analysis needs to be done to determine how UGLI performs compared
> to logkit, and (c) it needs to be determined if there will be any
> deployment problems (i.e what if Weblogic/JBoss/Websphere ships its own
> UGLI jar and requires that it be used).

For the record, Ceki more or less closed UGLI and transferred it to a brand 
new external project called SLF4J, and trying hard to get the JCL folks along 
on the ride.

Regarding the "shipping an UGLI jar"; The whole purpose of Ceki's static 
linking is to avoid these types of problems. If the Cocoon code finds the 
JBoss UGLI, then it will be used, otherwise it will use its own. The point is 
that which ever UGLI LogFactory that is found, IT will only use its own 
logging implementation, not getting confused with others.

IMHO, the long-term(!) strategy should be to use the JDK Logging as the API, 
and "innovative people" will figure out how to redirect that to Log4J or 
something else.


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