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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject FYI: searches in May
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 12:02:41 GMT

I think it's really useful to use search statistics as a way to work 
out what a community is thinking about/looking for (a zeitgeist, if you 
like). So, I've published a summary of the top 25 search keywords used 
to access Planet Cocoon during May (out of a total of 1828 referrals 
from search engines). See below, or read more here: Do we have access to similar 
logs for the official Cocoon site, or for the wiki?

44	hibernate cocoon
29	planetcocoon
25	scheduler with name 'cocoon' already exists
14	cforms
13	chs cocoon
11	processpipelineto
9	cocoon.sendpage
9	notserializableexception
8	cocoon webmail
8	cocoon-ehcache-1cache: could not create disk store
8	hibernate c3po
8	javaflow
7	cocoon spring
7	gianugo rabellino
6	cocoon upload
6	could not create task or type of type: if
6	logkit.xconf
6	xmlhttprequest widget
5	cforms examples
5	chicoon
5	cocoon cform
5	cocoon redirect-to
5	cocoon.processpipelineto
5	componentselector could not find the component for hint
5	concurrentmodificationexception


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