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From David Casal <>
Subject Re: Block builder and deployer
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 09:39:00 GMT
Hello all,

I apologise in advance for interrupting the thread and introducing 
possibly unnecessary noise. Please tell me to go away if you find this 

For those of you who don't know who I am, I was the musician at GT2003. 
That doesn't entitle me to pester you like this, but I hope you will 
read on anyway.

I have some generic questions with regards to this Blocks/Maven2 
thread, because I'm writing a report for JISC ( that should 
inform public servants in education about the future of web frameworks 
(don't ask me why -I'm- writing it, they just point at random monkeys 
and say things like 'go write about the future').

Firstly, I'd like your thoughts on LEGO.

Once you star-studded geniuses (I'm serious!) have figured out 
Maven2-Blocks integration, how do you see the common user approaching 
the development of new webapp, considering they might not have a senior 
level of development experience? Could you illustrate your ideal use 
case scenario?

Is it perhaps whereby LowlyDeveloperN00b downloads Cocoon, reads the 
docs, gets pointed at 'Your first Webapp Tutorial', dances with Maven2, 
and sees the automagic construction of a skeleton webapp which 
illustrates best practice? How far do dependency injection issues get 
resolved for her? Can you see a relevant RubyOnRails comparison and 
might you adopt its practice? How? Do you see a point where they'll be 
able to put together semi-complex webapps in LEGO style?

Secondly, if you were to think much further ahead in the future, do you 
see agent-driven applications calling containers which might or might 
not call Cocoon components into a user's 'Webapp Building' tool? Does 
the work Stefano is carrying out at MIT (Simile, PiggyBank) make you 
think of emergent people processing, whereby people might be able to 
use Firefox to build web applications, by having the browser enquire 
RDF repositories for the right components and their dependencies?

If you read this far, I owe you a beer. Please get creative with your 
answers, comic-book style.

I'd like to have your wildest dreams for cocoon, even if all I get is 
'I'd like cocoon to run my house' or 'shut the fuck up you piano 
playing barbarian'.


David Casal

David Plans Casal, Director of Research, Luminas Internet Applications
Tel:  +44 (0)870 741 6658    	Fax:  +44 (0)700 598 1135
Web:	Orixo alliance:

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