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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: Server-side image map in CForms ?
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 10:37:24 GMT
> Sure we can. 
> Shall I remember you our little Geoid project ( 
> ) ?
I am not at all from the GIS , and project Geoid seems to be just that, If
I'm not mistaken it allows to plug into existing ArcIMS and others with
Cocoon. I'm really looking to find a Map system I can integrate directly
into my(and others) project. I really think a simple Mapping system has
it's place within many websites especially connected with a data generation
system like cocoon which seems to be the main idea behind GEOID, I will
need to have an appropriate Graphic Map to associate to my connector, is
there such a module?
If nothing really exist I will be glad to start a vulgarised Map solution
within Geoid. 
MapBuilder is quite a good solution, but 100% JS which I like but people
don't allways have.
do you know any other ones by any chance ?

>> I was thinking of doing this in SVG having dynamic positionning
>> functionalities and easy graphic separation, and offcourse have points
>> url-clickable on the map.
> If what you have to do is just position points, use DIVs live happy
> after that :)
well yes that could a solution but quite limited.
It would be good to go on adding functionalities once the mapping system is
done, and div solutions will probably be blocking after that.
> Don't get me wrong, I like SVG, but forcing user to install a plug-in
> would be an unpopular option.
The idea would be to have clickable jpegs generated from svg and later when
fully supported directly svg. Do you think GML is something to look into or
is it a huge load and not necessary ? could it make my development easier ?


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