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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: CForms:Selection List generated Repeater ??
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 08:30:12 GMT
> Do you mean to feed a Repeater from an Array?
yes but with a selection list. and not in the binding nore on create
It would be in the definition.
>> Example:
>> my repeater contains a label outputfield, and a few field widgets
>> if the label is made "selectionlistable" this would generate as many rows
>> as contained in the Selectionlist, with the different labels.
>> I already do this programaticaly on binding but it seems to me, its real
>> place is in the model as a simple declaration.
> Not sure if this is the same I have in mind. But it can helps when showing
> results of a search. 
Yes if you need to associate widgets to your search result, that's the idea
> For example, in one form whe show the posible 
> criteria for the search, when the users send the request, we consult the
> DB and fetch the rows meeting the result. We are currently using
> jxtemplate for this purpose.
> Thinking in that, a way to save developer time is (and I will also like to
> see it implemented) a "paginatable repeaters" with "back-page",
> "next-page" buttons. or soething similar.
This is a Template problem, not a generation one.
in your case it could easily be solved with jx:template with a forEach tag
(begin end) the index (increments or decrements) is linked to your buttons. 


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