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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: Server-side image map in CForms ?
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 11:55:08 GMT
> The map-viewing platform I envisage will be very simple and work even
> with very big fonts and buttons, and it should do this without
> JavaScript, frames and mouse (I mean, mouse is considered an optional,
> useful, but not necessary).

Very interesting, 
Maps are largely laking around internet and we are looking into creating an
easy map positionning system for generic websites and offcourse our own.
Cocoon has the ability to support such an extensive solution, with Simple
XML2Map functionalities using SVG.
 We are having an intern work on this from tuesday so I'm setting up the
guidelines, maybe we can cooperate on this? we need such a map because to
simply position elements on a european map, connect them to url's, and have
styling capabilites.

I was thinking of doing this in SVG having dynamic positionning
functionalities and easy graphic separation, and offcourse have points
url-clickable on the map.
This community is perfect proof that doing things as a group produce more
efficient and active solutions, So Should we try something out? and how to
procede ?


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