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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Re: Block builder and deployer
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 12:46:28 GMT
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Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> Unico Hommes wrote:
>> ...
>>> Exactly my thinking. In fact the reason I asked is that I was thinking
>>> of starting a Maven2 plugin for cocoon. I've been looking at the
>>> emerging Maven2 effort that is due to come out this summer and I think
>>> its going to be a killer. IIUC I can just start that in the whiteboard
>>> without a vote right?
>> Yes.
>> Maven2 is very interesting: it seems that most architectural
>> shortcomings of Maven 1 have been fixed.
>> I have written an xsl that converts the gump descriptor in the
>> block.xml files, I just need to test it. 
> :-D
>> I also want to use the Maven Ant tasks to download the jars needed, as
>> already voted on this list. For this, and to be able to collaborate on
>> transitive dependencies with the other projects, we will need to
>> create also a pom.xml
> can we generate this? I want to avoid having more than one descriptor file

Good point, I'll keep that in mind. Though its probably separate from
the core plugin functionality.

>> for each block, which would help also your effort for Maven 2.
>> BTW, the current schema is inadeguate for MAven2:
>>   <libraries>
>>     <lib id="avalon-framework-api" location="core"/>
>>     <lib id="avalon-framework-impl" location="core"/>
>>     <lib id="excalibur-xmlutil" location="core"/>
>>     <lib id="excalibur-pool" location="core"/>
>>     <lib id="excalibur-sourceresolve" location="core"/>
>>   </libraries>
>> I'll have to change it to mimic the Maven pom library entries.
> no problem
>> OTOMH, maybe it may also be beneficial to use the Maven2 directory
>> project layout, at least for blocks.
> no problem
> The current block builder makes it possible to work on blocks that have
> a dependency on another *development version* of a block. What I don't
> want is having a build system that requires me to build all dependencies
> manually and put the build JARs into my project. This has to happen
> automatically (as it is done by the current block builder).

M2 does this automatically IIUC.

> The build system must also be able to resolve all the dependencies on
> *development versions* of blocks when it creates IDE descriptor files.

OK, M2 has support for generating eclipse and idea project files but I
don't know if it will take us all the way here.

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