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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Cocoon GetTogether 2005: call for assistance
Date Mon, 09 May 2005 12:08:05 GMT
On 09 May 2005, at 11:59, Torsten Schlabach wrote:

> Hi,
>>> After last year's GetTogether, we decided to untie the GT
>>> from any commercial involvement (however small there ever was any),
>>> making sure the GT is an event organized by and for the Cocoon
>>> community.
> Do you mean: No sponsoring?

Basically yes, though it's safe to say that this won't exactly make 
much difference. All "profit" made during last year's GTs has been put 
safely aside for a new edition, so there's _some_ budget to start from. 
The idea has always been that the event should be self-supporting - 
even with its modest admission fees - because it's all volunteer work 
and we try to outsource as few stuff as possible. The biggest costs are 
handouts, facilities and A/V. Catering cost should be paying itself 
with admission fees - but that only works if you can gather as much 
registrations upfront, so that the number of ordered meals is correct.

> Alternatives? The question is if you want to make this a Ghent thing in
> the long run or if you want to move it around in Europe. I am not sure 
> if
> moving it around might attract new / more people or not.

I don't know. About Ghent: I'm willing to volunteer the same amount of 
time as every year, running errands and the like, if the event is run 
in Ghent. If not, someone close to the venue should be willing to 
volunteer that same amount of time.

I'm not a very efficient time manager, but I guess I've been spending 
about two to three weeks every year so far - of course some things are 
becoming routine stuff now. Marc has been spending about a week or so 
as well on invoicing and billing.

>>> * are you up for volunteering?
> Yes!


> Can't last year's infrastructure be re-used?

Last year's application was hacked together - nothing to be proud of, 
and for this year we really should make online payment less painful 
(Paypal is expensive, and quite a few people want real invoices). 
Besides, last year's edition was still co-hosted on the Orixo website, 
which needs to change as well.

In the end, things could be as simple as: coming up with a layout, copy 
lots of stuff from last years, book a deal with an online billing 
service, leach as much from last year's "registration application" as 

Content-management wise, running the website alongside the (Daisy) machinerie would definitely help compared to last 

>>> * call for proposals and ideas
> What do you mean? Setting specific topics or an overall theme in the 
> CFP?

"Everything". ;)

A theme would be nice but might be spreading the icing too thin on the 
cake. We need to send out a CFP, select speeches, come up with an 
agenda + time schedule, etc.

I booked the large room of last year for two consecutive days, so we 
also need to discuss what we want to do with it (Hackathon-wise I 

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