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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject Re: Planet Cocoon license and reuse of docs
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 16:21:01 GMT
2005/5/24, Ross Gardler <>:
> Sebastien Arbogast wrote:
> > 2005/5/24, Ross Gardler <>:
> >
> ...
> >>It is called integration.
> ...
> > OK I'm sorry Ross. I'm really sorry. You're right I completely missed
> > your point and I apologize for that.
> No harm done, quite the opposite in fact, your post made me consider
> what aspects of PlanetCocoon I agree with and what aspects I do not
> agree with. It also made me question whether my boundaries are in the
> right places.
> Having considered your points about "self-reliance" I would like to make
> it clear that I feel it is a mistake to build a Cocoon documentation
> solution that is based on anything other than Cocoon. This has nothing
> to do with "self-reliance" in the way you describe it, it is a rel;iance
> on the Cocoon community, because, at the end of the day, that is all
> Cocoon has. It is to do with drawing on the strengths of that community.
> Everyone  here knows Cocoon, most do not know Drupal or PHP.

Alright then... the truth is that right now we're running out of time
and as we stated it at the beginning of our collaboration, we would
have been happy to build our solution on top of a Cocoon-based
solution. But as Mark had already realized it, Cocoon-based CMS's are
far too limited right now compared to what we can provide with Drupal
in terms of powerful features. No offense for Daisy of Myotis guys,
it's just a matter of time, Drupal and PHP CMS's are much older and
hence mature in terms of functionalities.

The second important thing I notice in your remark is the argument
that people here know Cocoon but not PHP. But it's exactly our point :
we don't think Cocoon documentation should remain between Cocoon
developers and that's also why we chose a PHP based CMS : because
people are used to it, to its structures, to its customs. Right now
it's much more natural than any Cocoon-based solution. We consider
that documentation should not be written by developers and read by
users... everybody should be able to participate in the same effort
according to its own skills.

Last but not least, our objective is precisely to make documentation
writing completely independent from the unerlying technologies, so
nobody should need to know neither Cocoon nor PHP to write
documentation (yes a little bit of Cocoon should be useful if one
wants his content to be useful but... you got my point)

> However, PlanetCocoon clearly has some effort going into it, and some of
> your ideas are excellent. It would be a real shame if your enthusiasm
> was dampened by what you perceive as "self-reliance".

Thanks ;-)

> It is my hope that once you have shown how valuable some of your ideas
> are then attention within the Cocoon community will turn towards
> embracing the some of the solutions you are designing and implementing
> them within a Cocoon based application. In other words I see your
> current Drupal implementation as a precursor to a killer Cocoon based
> application.

Maybe... I'm currently working on some sort of Cocoon-based CMS right
now so maybe one day I'll be able to derive something from it and it
will provide all the powerful features of Drupal. But that day Daisy
or Myotis might be much more advanced than my solution so... the thing
is that... as I said before, I think we're running out of time so
Drupal remains the best immediate and powerful enough solution to get
things done.

> In the meantime I will try to help build the necessary plugins to
> Forrest to enable your work to be brought into the official Cocoon docs
> with minimal effort (and vice-versa if the Cocoon community wish that to
> be so).

Thx. BTW we have started to talk about the way we could store our
documentation content.  And we have come up with a few issues.. or as
Mark says.. food for thought!
Maybe we could discuss that with you since you seem to have experience
in that topic.
I'll start a discussion about that specific topic on Planet Cocoon and
keep you in touch.

Sebastien ARBOGAST

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