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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject Re: Planet Cocoon license and reuse of docs
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 00:07:14 GMT
2005/5/23, Ross Gardler <>:
> I can't find any copyright or license information on the planetcocoon
> site. Can you please point me at the relevant page.

Actually so far there is no such thing. As it is said in our
disclaimer, "Planet Cocoon is an unofficial experiment in online
developer community, not endorsed in any way by the Cocoon PMC" so
there is currently no license or copyright of any sort BUT... you
point out something very interesting because there is some original
content there and we should begin to worry about some license.

> I'm concerned as much of the documentation content appears to be direct
> duplicates of materials in Cocoons official documentation or mailing
> lists but I cannot find the required acknowledgement to Apache Software
> Foundation. I know you are working closely with the Cocoon community so
> I am sure this is only an oversight (possibly on my part).

There is absolutely no duplicate of original documentation (not that I
know of at least... Maaaark !!! You duplicated ??? Bad boy !). The
only thing we duplicate for now is the content of mailing lists but
there are several archives doing that, especially a blog fashioned one
I can't remember the address. Anyway for now you're right, there is no
official written acknowledgement from the Apache Foundation or Cocoon
PMC. But as you say, we are working closely with PMC members to keep
things right and for example, the disclaimer was added following one
of their requests.

> In addition, can you tell me if Drupal is able to serve nodes as
> unprocessed content. That is, can I retrieve a version of a node that
> has only the content, no navigation or other such decoration.

That I don't know. Mark is the Drupal master !

> If it is possible to do this, what license will your own original
> matrials be released under?

Planet Cocoon is barely a few weeks old and it's still experimental,
but this licensing question should definitely be part of the future
discussions with PMC members. BTW if Bertrand, or Sylvain, or Stefano
or any other PMC member wants to intervene, feel free to do so guys.

> My reason for asking both questins is that I'd like to consider adding
> an input plugin to Forrest in order to assist in your stated objective
> of "Every effort will be made to ensure that information generated on
> Planet Cocoon will end up in the official documentation" (quote from
> your home page).

It's very kind of you but we have just begun discussing the storage
format we will choose for our documents in order to suit all the
wonderful features we want to integrate, while keeping docs compatible
with Forrest formats. So it's far from being determined yet. It should
be in the next few weeks or so.

Thank you very much for your interest. We'll remember your offer and
keep you in touch as soon as we have something more concrete.

Sebastien ARBOGAST

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