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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject [PlanetCocoon] 4 new ideas to discuss on Planet Cocoon
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 03:43:13 GMT
Hi there,

I've just published four new ideas on my blog
( to implement features
of other successful OSS documentation platforms. Check out the LCP to
see when we will consider those ideas as applicable. Before that your
feedback is greatly welcome and we really need your help in order to
find the best technical solutions to implement those ideas and make
sure they suit your needs perfectly. Moreover, the more feedback we
will get, the sooner we will be able to get a documentation platform
up and running. So feel free to come by and leave comments.

By the way, the community assessment questionnaire from Mark has
reached the end of its LCP so it has moved on to the "Todo" state
(, which means we will
now implement it and we should be able to publish it soon so that you
can easily answer the survey. We're thinking of a way to propose a
mailing list version of this questionnaire, but as results would be
far more complicated for us to process, we will highly encourage you
to fill in the form that will be available on Planet Cocoon. If you
think you'd never go there to answer that survey and you find it
highly more effective to have it on the mailing list, please tell us
so that we can study more carefully technical solutions to process
them automatically.

See ya' on Planet Cocoon.
Sebastien ARBOGAST

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