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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject Re: Forrest & Daisy integration scenarios
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 18:01:03 GMT
> What we need is simplicity in the workflow.
> Simplify the workflow, tuning the simplicity to those people that are
> more likely to write, and content will start flowing in (as the wiki
> shows very well).
> Sebastien, this is not a funny discussion. Those who think that Word is
> always more productive than Latex have never written a 200 pages math book.

I understand what you mean as I intensively use Latex and Docbook
myself to write my articles and reports. But the thing is : do you
really expect a 200 pages technical book to show up in Cocoon
documentation ? Do you really think anyone will be crazy enough to try
that (I've already been that crazy to think we could do that with
Cocoon In Action), whether with WYSIWYG or any other mean ?

So I think that there is a third criteria we have to integrate in our
design of a better documentation system : of course adapting it to
users and to potential writers is essential, but let's not forget to
integrate document type in the process.

Sebastien ARBOGAST

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