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From Jochen Kuhnle <>
Subject [RFE] Some enhancements to XSP
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 11:45:28 GMT
Hi, I know XSPs are supposed to go away, but I still like 'em... I would 
like to propose some enhancements, and if they're accepted also volunteer 
to implement them (including documentation and examples :).

1. A logicsheet for cache key control to have an easy way to override 
"getKey". Something like:

        <value><xsp:request-param name="userId"/></value>
        <value><xsp:request-param name="companyId"/></value>

2. A logicsheet to do the same for "getValidity", so you can do:

        <file src="/etc/configfile"/>
        <expires seconds="3600"/>

Tags would be available for all classes in the distribution that extend 

3. A mechanism for expression replacement as in XSLT or JXTG, replacing 
"{expression}" with a xsp:attribute element in attributes and with a 
xsp:expr element in character data. This could be implemented in the 
PreProcessFilter of XSPMarkupLanguage. The feature would be disabled by 
default and enabled on a per-XSP-basis, maybe through a processing 


<!-- Hey, this looks almost like JXTG :) -->
<img src="{source}" width="{width}" height="{height}"/>
<h1>Hello {username}</h1>

is more readable and easier to use than

<h1>Hello <xsp:expr>username</xsp:expr></h1>

Any comments? (I hope this hasn't been proposed already, but I didn't find 
anything about it)


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