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From David Casal <>
Subject Re: [RT] Block usage
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 10:08:08 GMT
Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your extremely edifying response. As with Stefano, will it 
be ok to cite some of your comments in this report? I may not cite you 
literally, but I need to credit you if I do. Would that be ok?

The report will be published on Techwatch:

On 26 May 2005, at 13:34, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> 4. The user can chose between following a number of different wizard 
> like tutorials, e.g.: Minimal Cocoon app, documentation site 
> (Forrest), portal, CMS site (Lenya or Daisy), Spring based webapp etc.
> In this step the needed blocks (including the specific 
> tutorial/wizard) will be dowloaded, installed and started. A user 
> block skeleton will be created. It should be noted that the created 
> user block is much simpler than what is needed today. It is a 
> directory with a description of what blocks the block depends on 
> (wiring.xml and the Manifest file), a near to empty sitemap and that 
> is all.


As I read from your May 20th OSGi proposal, the core and block jars are 
managed within the OSGi framework, is this correct? Meaning that the 
directory a potential user is presented with is minimal because of 

> 5. The user start to develop the new application from the skeleton one 
> and have at all times a working app that can be used from the browser.
> I think polymorphic extension will be a key mechanism for making it 
> easy for users to develop new apps.
> Also components from the extended block can be overrided.

Could you explain how?

> 6. The new block contain some new and intersting stuff that is not 
> available before. After a number of refactorings it consists of a 
> number of blocks that are reusable and solves well defined concerns. 
> Now the user puts the blocks in a new project in Sourceforge (or 
> etc).

That's a v cool thought. Do you envision that at this point, a user who 
finds the reusable blocks in the Sourceforge project, could download 
them and run them as they are? Meaning, would they contain Cocoon's 
core, or as you explain further, would it only contain the parts of the 
Cocoon core it needs? Might it instead contain only the meta info 
needed to downloaded needed core and non-core components during 

Are you guys thinking of a central Cocoon OSGi repository all these 
externally developed block-built apps would rely on?

> I would assume that we will have an Cocoon Eclipse starting kit distro 
> as well. With IDE support, the user can get much more support and 
> guiding in the above described process. The Lepido crew will hopefully 
> give a view on that.

 From :

"To this effect, there will be a Cocoon project setup wizard, that will 
allow the user to choose the blocks that are to be included in the 
project, also allowing also further modification of the selected blocks 
during the project lifetime."

Do people here think (Sylvain?) that use of the AXE editors for the 
conf files might mean, that during the setup process for a typical app 
(say a portal), dependency resolutions would get solved (by download) 
while the user interacts with the form? As in 'oh I'll need some CMS 
functionalitiy, too'?


I think it sounds great, and I thank you very much for your time.



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