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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Re: Mailing list statistics
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 00:22:04 GMT
> But I see Mark's aims with the hall of fame more as a measurement tool 
> for community participation than a way for people to show off. And in 
> that way it can be considered to be a valuable resource. The problem 
> however is that the raw number of posts says nothing about their 
> quality, starting by not being able to distinguish questions and 
> answers. The "rounds of applause" as I understand it is a way for 
> people to express their gratefulness to people that helped them.

Yes Sylvain, this is what I am proposing: another (more measurable) way 
for people to express their gratefulness to people that have helped 
them. Is anyone else a user of 43things (see 
The 43things "cheers" are a lovely example of this kind of thing, where 
people have a simple mechanism to encourage others. Read about cheers 
here: The cheer carries no 
weight other than encouragement. The idea of 'targets', that is, 
collect 100 "rounds of applause" and progress to a notional 'next 
level', are optional.

I'll have a go at implementing such an idea in PlanetCocoon. You can 
take a look for yourselves - and judge its merit.

> Ah, and I agree with Vadim: change the favicon :-)

Changed: it's now a more "PC" image. ;)

Best regards,

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