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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Expert pre-defined/community post-defined? [WAS: Community health]
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 13:04:48 GMT
Hi Bertrand,

I for one have been looking at the wiki regularly, making little tweaks 
here and there: nothing major, but it's a regular haunt of mine. You 
can verify this at: 
(Sébastien seems to have contributed a fair bit recently too!)

Back when Outerthought introduced the Cocoon wiki I thought it was a 
cool tool (hey, not even based on Cocoon!). I liked it and introduced 
it into my company too: we used it lots. We learned the good and bad of 
wikis. Later, in my constant search for community enhancing tools, I 
came across Drupal (a tool that is proving very successful all over the 
problem space). I'm inventing as little as possible. That is, I'm 
building on the work of others, at the same time as trying a slightly 
different approach to that proposed already.

I think that when you suggested, "This is maybe the one tool that we're 
missing: a way to add folksonomy tags to our docs to make them easier 
to find", you are touching upon an important weakness of the wiki. The 
wiki is great for contained ideas and snippets, but very poor at 
encouraging the organisation of those snippets. With a wiki it is 
difficult to evolve a taxonomy from the content (yes, there are ways). 
Bertrand, I know you are a fellow user of and from that, 
and your statement above, I think we may essentially agree on the 
potential solution. A "jewel" in Drupal's "crown" is its taxonomy 
system. Over the next few weeks I'll attempt to demonstrate the 
benefits of this approach, coupled with folksonomy. Taxonomy is 
'expert' pre-defined, folksonomy is community post-defined. I think the 
latter has enormous potential to help in a community like ours. A bit 
of both is probably perfect.

I think you are right, I probably have dismissed the "existing stuff" a 
bit early. In that case, I pledge to keep in touch with the current 
effort. I certainly value ongoing dialogue. However, I wonder out loud: 
should we be putting documentation behind the barrier of committership 
at all? I'm a community post-defined kind of person.

As I said above, over the next few weeks I'll attempt to demonstrate 
what I imagine to be the myriad of potential benefits of the Drupal 

Regards, and thanks!

On 12 May 2005, at 07:33, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> Le 12 mai 05, à 06:33, Sebastien Arbogast a écrit :
>> ...FYI we have already come up with 13 very interesting ideas about a
>> potention new common documentation effort for Cocoon..
> Would you guys be able to at least try writing/reorganizing some docs 
> in the current system [1] before inventing 
> yet-another-potentially-doomed-new-tool?
> Excuse the tone and don't get me wrong, I'm trying to be constructive: 
> building on the work of others might get you to destination earlier.
> My impression is that you've dismissed the existing stuff a bit early 
> without really trying it.  Writing/reorganizing docs is really easy 
> with the 2.2 docs system, and if non-commitership is a problem there's 
> certainly a way to solve it.
> Let us know if you have any questions or specific problems about how 
> to write docs for the 2.2 trunk.
> -Bertrand
> [1]

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