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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [SUMMARY] Caching DynamicSelectionList
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 14:49:39 GMT
On Mar, 31 de Mayo de 2005, 8:55, Vadim Gritsenko dijo:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> On Mar, 31 de Mayo de 2005, 8:04, Vadim Gritsenko dijo:
>>>Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>>>>Our proposed solution is add a new user defined attribute, called
>>>>in <fd:selection-list>. This way the cform user can decide when he
>>>> wants
>>>>to use a cached DSL or not. For SSL this attribute has no meaning.
>>>Three questions:
>>>  (1) What is cached? What is the structure of cached object.
>> We will cache a SaxBuffer of the selection-list.
>>>  (2) WRT to (1), how to cache selection list for a longer time
>>>      period than for single request? e.g., for (a) session
>>>      duration, (b) for predefined time interval.
>> This was not considered. I think we should discuss this.
>>>  (3) Why you do not cache output of the pipeline producing
>>>      selection list?
>> Yep. We do that. See reply to (1).
> (1) was not question about pipeline but question about selection list
> caching
> which you were about to implement - and you had anwered it.
> (3) is my question why your pipeline producing selection list is currently
> not
> cacheable, as far as I understand, and why you do not want to try caching
> it.
> This question is *completely* not related to the selection lists at all.

Maybe. Even if the pipeline is cached, we need to resolve the source and
run the pipeline. This is the way the selection list is implemented now.

Why I don't want to cache the pipeline?

Suppose you have a selection-list in a repeater and in the middle of row
generation the cache expires. Before the cache expires, there where done
some changes in the database, then there is an inconsistency (at least
from the user POV). The same repeater in diferents rows will have diferent
items. It will trig a lot of support calls, between other troubles.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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