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From Mark Leicester <>
Subject Re: Bloggers, may I request a "Cocoon" category?
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 09:26:54 GMT
Hi Paul,

Good idea. In fact... excellent idea! I'll add some parsing into the 
mailing list handler so that we can automatically tag posts with 
metadata - extracted where possible from the subject (e.g. the RT, ANN, 

S├ębastien and I were just talking this weekend about tagging posts with 
metadata, and this is an excellent example of how we can take what is 
already there and extract some more value.


On 16 May 2005, at 10:01, Paul Crabtree wrote:

> Hi Mark, i think you're going in the right direction with this, i find 
> it increasingly difficult to keep track of future Cocoon happenings on 
> the various blogs and mail lists. I read both the dev and user lists 
> regularly but a lot of stuff happens there and its easy to miss the 
> interesting RTs.
>  Is PlanetCocoon/Drupal perhaps able to watch the dev group mails for 
> posts starting with [RT] and add them into this aggregation?
>  Regards, Paul
> On 5/16/05, Mark Leicester <> wrote:
>> Yes, I do read the dev list discussions. My sentence quoted below, in
>> all its bareness, could appear dismissive so I apologise as that was
>> not my intention. The many useful discussions on the dev list (about
>> the makeup and design of blocks for example) shouldn't be ignored.
>> That said, I do feel that Cocoon-related blog entries have their place
>> too. An example I often refer to is Sylvain's "Cocoon 2.2 will rock!"
>> post (see
>> This
>> is a very nice potted summary of what we can look forward too in the
>> next version. In addition, if you type "Cocoon 2.2" into Google this 
>> is
>> easily the first (only?) summary you will find.
>> My opinion is that there is a lot of Cocoon related activity on the 
>> web
>> - not just in the mailing lists. I'm looking at ways of aggregating it
>> all together.
>> Regards,
>> Mark
>> On 16 May 2005, at 08:51, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> > Mark Leicester wrote:
>> > <snip/>
>> >
>> >> The blogs tend to give a much more exciting, future-oriented view 
>> of
>> >> Cocoon than the mailing lists, which I suppose are dealing with 
>> more
>> >> mundane, day-to-day issues.
>> >
>> > Are you actually reading dev-list, about all core parts of Cocoon 
>> has
>> > been proposed and designed on dev-list? If you search the archive 
>> and
>> > look for "[RT]" then you can find tons of future-oriented views of
>> > Cocoon. Blogs are great, but like it or not, we have developed a
>> > rather efficient community culture that is based on mail-list
>> > discussions.
>> >
>> > /Daniel
>> >

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