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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Cforms: Setting up @dynamic programatically in a SelectionList.
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 02:31:26 GMT
On Dom, 29 de Mayo de 2005, 7:18, Sylvain Wallez dijo:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>>Hi, It's me again!
>>BTW, dunno, if I am asking to much from cforms? Sorry if this is the
>> case.
> Asking too much? Hey Antonio, CForms is powerful because it answers its
> user's needs!


I was not working with cocoon in the last 6 months. I did the comment,
because I am wondering why nobody before me found we need to improve the
selectionList performance at all. Is everybody happy and only me are not?

Hmm, if this the case, it makes me wonder if I am using cforms in the
right way at all! Perhaps I need to register myself for some cforms
courses. :-)

am I stressing to much cforms? This question is in my head now. Sorry.

>>Question: In definition.xml, how in javascript code we can set an
>>attribute? Or I want to know how to build programatically a DSL like:
>><fd:selection-list src="cocoon:/" dynamic="true"/>
>>I know we often use this:
>>myWidget.setSelectionList("cocoon:/" + value);
>>But how to make the above line @dynamic? I am asking because soon  I will
>>need to set also @cache.  ;-)
> When you call setSelectionList with a URI, it is implicitely dynamic. So
> you're not asking too much, it's already there!
> And following the principle of least surprise, this should IMO be the
> default behavior, i.e. the default value for the "dynamic" attribute
> should be false. Only if people know that the URI has to be loaded
> statically should they have to say dynamic="false" to have a better
> performance.

I agree. Everything in cocoon is dyamic. We use cforms mostly to build
dynamic websites. ;-)

Well, from a DB POV I agree, there are more often DSL than SSL. But I am
not sure if the rest of the people will feel comfortable to define by
default dynamic="true". BTW, if this is the default, then why not better
rename @dynamic to @static? Then to make a SSL we need to use


wich makes more sense and is equivalent to @dynamic="false".

I know, one argument against this change is: backward compatibility, but
since cforms is unstable, need we to care? I also know we are trying to
not break compatibility too much. And it does not. We can use the
Deprecation logger for inform users.

Note, I am not pushing a lot about this name change. I am not too much
pendatic in names (my fault). If people want to stay with @dynamic is OK
to me too.

Before starting coding, I will write down a resume of what and how we want
to do the changes on the SeletionsLists behavior. To allow people comment
again the proposed solution.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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