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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: xslt and jxtg performance
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 17:47:27 GMT
BURGHARD √Čric wrote:
> just for information,
> i've achieved some template migration from jxtg (2.2-dev) to
> xslt 2.0 (saxon8) and record a 7 to 10 factor speed increase on the same
> pages (cache desactivated).

If you want to help making JXTG faster you need to submit more 
information. We need examples that reproduce this behaviour with the 
JXTG template and the corresponding XSLT. We also need to know exactly 
what version of 2.2 you used. How did you measure preformance? Profiling 
info is rather helpful

JXTG compiles the script to a sequence of SAX events and also compiles 
the expressions. So during execution nothing complicated is supposed to 
happen, except for what is done internally in the expressions. So there 
is really no reason that it should be any slower than saxon8. But of 
course there can be small things in specific instructions or in the 
execution engine that slows things down. When one have got the basic 
algoritms right (which I think we have), optimization is much about 
small details.

Anyway, without more data about what happens, there is not much we can do.


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