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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Internationalis/zation of documentation
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 13:50:14 GMT
Sebastien Arbogast wrote:

>Mark's initiative is fully coherent with our motivation at Planet
>Cocoon : making Cocoon documentation closer to its users (and once
>again, its users are not only its developers).
>We are trying to make a documentation platform which is simpler to use
>and write for. And now with this new i18n module we just opened the
>door to people who understand English enough to read, but not to
Sort of. Most of these translators do a poor job at creating 
understandable translations.  Furthermore, as was pointed out in another 
post, 99% of the documentation for the things Cocoon depends on is in 
English. So what's the point?  However, you can do whatever you want at 
PlanetCocoon in this regard.  Just don't expect the official docs to be 
in anything but English.

>The way I see it, we will mostly use that as another input, another
>potential source of documentation but we have to setup a converter on
>that input, translators to keep the documentation coherent and prevent
>the above mentioned maintenance problems. Of course I agree our
>priority is to get a good core English documentation. But it appears
>obvious to me that it's far easier to translate an existing
>documentation than to create one from scratch in a language that is
>not natural to you. It's just a matter of... separation of concerns :
>the author has the ideas, the translator has the language, reviewers
>have the knowledge to verify, etc.
>Finally the greatest advantage of this internationalization thing is
>that we will be able to eventually setup forums in other languages,
>which should help spread Cocoon community and get this tool closer to
>the user (always the same motivation). How did you guys react when the
>French mailing list was setup ? Let me just translate a small part of
>Sylvain's introduction in Cocoon French area...
And serious reservations were expressed during that discussion about 
fragmenting the Cocoon community. Each list or forum needs to have 
committers actively participate. Furthermore, the same questions would 
tend to get asked on each list and searching for answers in the archives 
becomes a problem.  The French list was allowed to be created to see how 
it goes and because Sylvain offered to take responsibility for it.


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